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Perfect Time to Plant

Many gardeners think late summer and fall are poor times to plant, however trees, shrubs and perennials will put on a great deal of root growth in cooler weather. This makes August and September ideal months to plant. Greenland still has a great selection of plants, and our experts are always happy to make suggestions for perfect plant combinations. Here are some helpful tips for late summer planting:

  • Many plants have spent a significant amount of time in pots by the time fall arrives. Be sure to 'tease' the roots well to encourage roots to spread out - pot bound plants will have a difficult time establishing if they are not teased.
  • If soil in the area has not been amended recently, fill in planting holes with Sea Soil. This rich compost is amazing at maintaining soil moisture and adding nutrients.
  • Be sure to use a fertilizer such as Later’s Root Booster or Plant Prod 10-52-10 to help establish a strong root system. Water in well and keep the ground moist until late October or early November when the ground starts to freeze.


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