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Amaryllis Are Here!


For some, the festive season means a beautiful poinsettia on display, but for many others, it’s the elegant Amaryllis. Because Amaryllis bulbs need to be planted 8-10 weeks before blooming, now is the time to pick up a bulb that will bring bold colour to your holiday décor. Here are a few great varieties to try:




Santa’s Little Helpers

You’re busy making a list and checking it twice, so when it comes to Amaryllis, a little help is always nice. Santa’s Little Helpers are specially cultivated Amaryllis bulbs that bloom in only 4 to 6 weeks from planting. Choose from Rudolp, Dancer, Vixen, Cupid…you get it.


Waxed Amaryllis
Waxed Amaryllis

These amaryllis bulbs have been dipped in decorative wax in shades of red, bronze, silver or gold. This wax creatives a ‘pot’ for the bulb to grow and bloom in, so there’s no need for soil AND no need to water! Just add bright indirect light. And because they can be nestled in a bowl with moss and cones, or popped on a tabletop with your festive décor, they are a breeze when it comes to decorating.



Very popular in the Dutch cut flower trade, this stunning Amaryllis features deep, velvety red blossoms boldly striped in white.




This exotic variety has large bright lime green and dark red veins for a really unique bloom.



Glowing pinkish white with raspberry coloured streaks on double blooms.




This exotic variety boasts long narrow petals in a chartreuse, light lime colour. An amazing cutflower, if you could dare to snip it!
For everything you need to know about planting and growing Amaryllis click here.

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