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Ant Controls

Ants in Your Plants?

We've received several calls from customers in regards to ants in their gardens, lawns....and everywhere in between!

Ants are mostly scavengers, leaving the colony to forage for food. They can be a nuisance in lawns (by causing hills) and gardens from tunneling activity (disrupting plant roots). Because the queen regulates the activity of the colony, control is aimed at eliminating her. Here are some options for control:


Doktor Doom Residual

This residual spray provides control for weeks. Spray along pathways/driveways, or spray directly into ant hills. Can also be sprayed along foundations/windowsills/doorways to prevent ants from entering the home.


Residual Ant Foam

New! The nozzle and formula of this product is designed to reach ants where they hide. The foam will penetrate tight cracks and crevices, leaving behind a residue that will kill ants on contact.



Ant Out

For an extensive amount of ants/ant hills in lawns and gardens, this chemical control will treat up to 2800 sq. ft. Available in concentrate (mix and apply via watering can/sprayer) or hose end applications (simply hook onto your hose and apply).



Ant buster Nematodes

These microscopic organisms treat ants in garden, interlocking borders and lawn areas. Dual action kills young ant larvae and drives away adult ants from sprayed areas. Simply open the package, mix with water and apply with a watering can or hose end sprayer. Covers up to 1,000 sq.ft or approximately 16 nests.


Baited Insecticide

Excellent for use in veggie or perennial gardens, this dust can be applied on top of soil where ants are frequenting. Safe to use indoors too. Made from diatomaceous earth.


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