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Cherry Desserts Magic

Author Helene Unger, a retired professional Home Economist and educator, has created a dessert cookbook of 30 recipes that showcase the fruit her trees produce locally.

Helene's recipes have detailed step-by-step, easy to follow instructions and feature traditional favorites, such as Black Forest Cherry Torte and Cherry Pound Cake, along with ethnic favorites such as Mennonite Cherry Moose and Turkish Cherry Bread Pudding. Helene hopes to inspire both the experienced baker and the newbie to the wonderful world of baking. We hope it inspires you to try some of the amazing hardy cherries we can grow here on the prairies.


A hardy bright red pie cherry that ripens late July but will sweeten on the tree until September. Strong flavour; good for jams, pies, baking or eating fresh.  Self-pollinating. Ht: 12’ Sp: 9’



Excellent for fresh eating. Fruit has high sugar content. Dark red in color. Self-pollinating. Fruit size is 2 - 3 cm. Ht: 6-8’ Sp: 6-8’



Early bloomer with the largest of all cherries producing black to dark red sweet, slightly astringent fruit in late summer and early fall. Excellent for fresh eating, and processing. Self-pollinating. Ht: 6-8’ Sp: 4’



Fresh eating. 4.5 grams fruit size. Best for juice processing. Ripens later August/September. Ht: 6’ Sp: 4’



Carmine Jewel

A cross between a tart cherry and a Mongolian cherry. Fruit is dark red.  Excellent used for fresh eating or cooking.
Excellent in jams, jelly, juice, toppings and pie filling. Ht: 6-8’ Sp: 6’

Pick up a copy of Helene’s book at Greenland - $10.00 or visit her site bestbakingrecipe.com


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