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Earth Apples from the Netherlands


Earth Apples roots were formed in the Netherlands, where the family began growing potatoes on a small traditional farm using mostly European potato varieties and agricultural practices. Seeking a new challenge and new opportunities, the family moved to western Canada in 1988 and settled near Edmonton, Alberta. Now, the Earth Apples family supplies local gardeners with innovative, organic varieties of potatoes. Here are just a few of the great varieties Greenland is stocking this spring:




This potato has such a bright appearance and a beautiful smooth skin. Its elongated shape is highly attractive and it tends to stay medium to small in size which is something I really like about this variety. It is early maturing and has a fantastic taste and texture. It is gaining a lot of popularity in Europe right now for its convenience factor and superb taste - comparable to fingerling potatoes but better tasting in my opinion. Here is fun website with some more info. www.jazzypotato.co.uk


Little Giant

I really like this variety because it is like pulling a grape vine out of the ground in the fall. This variety can produce a ton of baby potatoes and stays small. It has been brought into the market as a baby potato variety because of is extremely high-set. This makes it excellent for container or raised bed planters. It is also an easy variety to grow and has good resistance to scab. And of course it has a great taste!



This variety always puts a smile on my face when I dig it up out of the ground. It looks like smooth pink candy coming out of the ground. It is one of the nicest looking potatoes I have seen. This variety is also a high-set variety so it tends to stay small in size. This is the closest variety we have to a fingerling potato. Again this variety will work we'll in containers or raised garden beds. It of course will do well in gardens too! Rosemarie makes a unique potato salad with an excellent taste.


Purple Magic

This beautiful smooth skinned purple has a distinctive white ring on the inside making it truly one of a kind. Purple Magic produces a high yield of medium sized tubers. It works great in potato salads, oven roasting, and is suitable for home-made chips.


Lady Amarilla

Lady Amarilla produces deep yellow fleshed potatoes perfect for making crispy golden home-made fries. This large garden variety also works well as a delicious baker potato for those late summer BBQ’s.
For more information on the varieties available from Earth Apples click here

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