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Exotic Orchids

We’ve received a gorgeous assortment of exotic orchids in a rainbow of colours. Supplies limited, visit soon!

Tropical American Lady’s Slipper (Phragmipedium)

These are terrestrial growing orchids native to areas of Mexico, Central and South America. These orchids are incredibly easy to culture in the home and often have a blooming period of six months or more. A distinct feature about Phrags is that they produce their blooms sequentially, one after another, after another. Each bloom remains in flower for approximately two weeks while another bud develops.


Kite Orchid

Masdevallia is a genus of some 350 species usually coming from cool, misty mountains of the New World Tropics.  Masdevallias are best known for their showy flowers consisting of sepals fused into a tubelike structure. Their origins in cool, damp environments make them an excellent choice for cool or coastal climates. Most species and hybrids are compact enough so that they can be easily accommodated on windowsills or under lights. Flowers range in color from subtle hues to brilliant, almost fluorescent hues.


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