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Fall Bulb Picks 2016

Hawera Daffodil

This adaptable daffodil can grow in dry soil, full sun or part shade. Hawera dates back to before 1950, and features pale yellow bells with a fruity fragrance.


Minnow Daffodil

Sweet, delicate blooms of soft yellow and ivory are fragrant and cheery. With several flowers per stem, this makes a perfect springtime bouquet.



This true harbinger of spring features snow white blossoms with green tips, and is one of the hardiest and easiest bulbs for naturalizing. Best planted in groupings for a natural look.



Fosteriana Tulips

Often called Emperor Tulips, this particular type boasts very large petals on strong stems, with a great naturalizing habit, meaning they’ll come back reliably year after year. Yellow, red and orange emperor are common varieties, orange emperor blooms have the added bonus of fragrance.


Apeldoorn Tulips

Boasting sturdy stems great for cutting, Apeldoorn, Golden Apeldoorn etc have lovely egg shaped blooms. These naturalize well, coming back year after year.




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