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Fall Bulbs 2016

Saffron Crocus

This hardy crocus not only produces beautiful blooms in fall but also produces one of the world’s most expensive spices. Most of the world’s saffron is grown in very hot regions from Spain to Iran, and in India and Mexico. But the bulbs of this treasured plant grow well in cooler climates, too. Each small, delicate mauve flower produces a pair of scarlet pistils that can be plucked and dried, forming one single filament of saffron.


Crocus cartwrightianus

Cartwrightianus is the wild version of the cultivated Crocus sativus or Saffron Crocus. The fall flowers are chalice shaped and a lovely mauve shade, covered in dark purple veining. The stigmas of Crocus cartwrightianus have been used in traditional fabric dyeing in Greece for many years.



Colchicum waterlily

This fall bloomer has flowers that resemble a water lily, hence the cultivar name. Large, fully double, lilac-pink flowers bloom in late summer to early fall on stems to 6" tall. Each corm will produce 1-6 flowers.



Crocus Whitewell Purple

Amongst the earliest to bloom, this variety has purple blooms with a silvery inside. Profuse flowering and a vigorous habit make this a great choice for naturalizing.



Ice Cream tulip

Truly one of the most distinctive tulips you'll ever see. White petals are closely mounded against one another and form a central cone that resembles vanilla ice cream. Strawberry-pink petals, tinged with green, encircle this lush delight.



Gorilla tulip

The striking dark blooms on this late spring tulip are fringed at the top, offering a mysterious touch to any spring garden.



SOLD OUT    Irene Copeland Daffodil

Irene Copeland is a striking heirloom daffodil that dates to 1915. The cream and primrose petals are so plentiful and neatly arranged that you could mistake it for a dahlia. Blooms a bit later than many daffodils, extending the spring colour in your garden.



SOLD OUT    Ocean Magic Grape Hyacinth

We love Muscari for its hardiness and vigor, but this new variety makes us love it even more. The deep cobalt blue blooms are tipped with white, resembling an ocean wave. This bulb is great for naturalizing in your garden beds.


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