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Feature Bulbs




This bold, spicy garlic produces purplish cloves with a thick white wrapper. Heads are very large with about 5-7 huge cloves in each head. Though powerful, the aftertaste is warm and garlicky.



A robust garlic with true garlic flavour and little heat. Great for the person whom loves garlic but not spicy foods. Big fat cloves have a beautiful hard dark brown/purple wrapper. This garlic is in the same family as Siberian and has similar smooth, hard cloves. 6-8 cloves per head.




Duganski is a marbled purple stripe originating in Kazakhstan. Supersized bulbs, intense purple colouring and unbeatable flavour. The unwrapped cloves retain the violet colouring of the outer wrappers. Flavour is hot but with a mellow and smooth aftertaste.






This Triumph Tulip is striking with its rich wine-red petals that are edged broadly in peach.



Bud Light

Nope….not blue. Pale yellow with creamy white lily shaped petals.





This single late tulip has blooms that appear as if they’ve been hand painted! Brush strokes of pink, white and even a hint of green.



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