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Flavours of Haiti

Explore the flavours of Haiti from your own garden! These remarkable varieties flourished in extensive field testing trials in Oregon, a very similar climate to our own. For an amazing amount of information on these varieties, their culture and history visit the Grow Haiti website.

Pigeon Pea
  • Orange yellow pea blooms on 4ft stems.
  • Pods are bright green/burgundy, edible fresh or dried.



  • This rice alternative is also used to make sorghum syrup.
  • Talk stalks topped with beautiful seedheads in late summer.



  • Beautiful flowers followed by edible pods.
  • Pods are delicious cooked, raw or pickled.



  • Grow your own peanuts! Fresh greens from fresh shoots also make great salad greens.
  • Provide well drained soil and full sun.



Plate de Haiti
  • Caribbean heirloom part of a series brought to the U.S after the Haitian Revolution in 1790’s.
  • Plum shaped tomato with sweet/acid taste.



  • Leaves are picked fresh and cooked like spinach.
  • Harvest leaves regularly, do not allow seedheads to form.



Caribbean Pumpkin
  • Winter squash matures from green/white to pretty pink.
  • Edible seeds, orange flesh used in traditional Haitian soup.



  • Were a staple for African slaves on their Atlantic journey.
  • Can be eaten fresh or dried.



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