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Hardy Apples

Why buy apples from the store when they are so easy to grow at home? Greenland’s selection includes so many hardy varieties; here are some of our favourites:


Crisp, juicy apple with a mildly tart flavour is excellent for eating fresh, baking and juicing. Excellent storing quality, keeping up to 2 months.




This variety has quite a unique story. The seedling was born from thousands of seeds sent across the Prairies by Agriculture Canada in the 1960's. It came from the Ag Canada research center in Morden, and then moved to the U of A before being transfered to a residential backyard in Edmonton - as they were out of room at the University to let it grow full size! Often compared to a Golden Delicious, this apple boasts a juicy apple-pear taste. Excellent for eating fresh, cooking and juicy. One of the best keepers, this one lasts in storage up to 3 months.



This is a Moscow pear X Melba cross developed at the Experimental Farm, Morden, Manitoba in 1961. This is one of our best early apples, ripening here in late August. The fruit is 3" to 4", creamy green streaked with bright red. Excellent for eating and good for sauce. Carroll is resistant to fireblight and very winter hardy to -50F.



Morgan’s Favorite – Morgan says “The name says it all!  My favourite for cultural and culinary reasons.  First cultural, This apple ripens early enough to always get nice from end of  August to September in zone 2 or 3.  Earlier apples can suffer from not being picked soon enough and going soft.  Also, my Goodland is to hard in early summer for the apple maggot fly to lay her eggs in.  That is of great importance to getting a worm free crop off in my neighbourhood!   Now culinary.  This apple wins a majority of hardy apple blind tests.  Though, Goodland is often beat out by Honeycrisp when it comes to texture and sweetness, Goodland has something that “foodies” and judges call being “aromatic”.  This give the nose a slight perfume while you bite into the tender, juicy, creamy texture.   This makes Goodland a fresh eating favourite but also has just enough tart with the aroma to make knock out sauce and desserts. Goodland is pale green with red streaks and a white “bloom” covering it and is a nice medium to large size.”

September Ruby

We love this for the ruby red color – a big bowl of them on the dining room table is instant fall décor. This apple is compared to Red Delicious with the same juicy, sweet taste – just slightly smaller. Great for eating, cooking and storing. Ripens mid to late September.


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