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New Veggie Book

Groundbreaking Food Gardens: 73 Plans that Will Change the Way You Grow Your Garden was published by Storey Publishing in March 2014. This book involved cold climate gardener Niki Jabbour (author also of The Year Round Vegetable Gardener) chasing down some of her favourite garden writers, bloggers and experts who then each created an edible garden plan for the book. The book includes a very wide assortment of garden plans - fruits, berries, veggies, herbs, edible flowers and much more. Contributors include so may popular Canadian Gardeners we’re familiar with: Mark Cullen, Donna Balzar, Liz Primeau, Steven Biggs, Paul Zammit and many more!
What we love about the book is that it covers EVERY kind of edible garden plan. From the most basic beginner garden that can fit in a 10x10 foot space, to a small berry garden, classic French potager garden and even an innovative design that sets the patio table right in the center of the edible garden!

Below are just a few of our favourite designs from the book (there are 73 plans!). Want to see more? Greenland is carrying copies of Nikki’s book – only $19.95 each.

Urban Farmscape

This clever design packs a large amount of veggies into a small side yard – what a great use of space! Incorporates sunflowers, beans over the arbour, peppers, chard and more. I love that she plants lemon thyme along the paths so as she treads upon it the lovely fragrance is released.


Kitchen Garden

This unique design places the patio dining table right in the centre of the yard, with gorgeous edible flowerbeds bordering it on all sides. Incorporates sunflowers, cucumbers, beans, tomatoes, basil, herbs, onions and so much more. Everything you need for the kitchen!


Garden Squares for Kids

This plan features 4 small square beds, each with a different theme to appeal to children of all ages. There’s Jack’s Beanstalk Teepee, Salad Hopscotch, the Magic Strawberry Carpet and the Secret Fruit Arbour.



Urban Homestead

Though the homeowner lives in an urban lot in Los Angeles that measures just 45x36 feet, she is able to grow a wide selection of edibles. She makes great use of the space; after harvesting many summer vegetables she follows them up with winter vegetables such as kale/swiss chard that tolerate cooler temperatures in our area.  This is one of the best plans to follow if you wish to grow a huge variety of veggies in a typical backyard lot.

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