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Greenland’s resident Orchid expert Joe has brought in a limited selection of unique orchids for our upcoming orchid classes; here’s just one of the unusual choices he will feature.
Paphiopedilum – Tropical Lady’s Slipper Orchids
  • Tropical Asian relatives of our native lady’s slippers
  • Hard to find in Alberta
  • Very easy to grow and flower in average household conditions (excellent beginners’ orchid)
  • Flowers can last 6-8 weeks or more
  • May flower twice per year
  • Grow well in lower light conditions
  • Prefer a fine bark mix and like to stay moist, but not wet
  • Fertilize weekly, weakly with Plant Prod Orchid Fertilizer (25-10-10)
  • Repot annually into as small a pot as possible

To view even more orchids join us for one of the following classes:

We’ll cover varieties, successful growing tips, keeping them blooming and more. A perfect class for first time orchid growers.
Greenland Club Members Free.  Pre-registration required
Sat. Oct 18          10:00 am             $5.00

This advanced class will take a comprehensive look at growing the more diverse species of orchids. A great class for the orchid enthusiast.
Sat. Oct 18            2:00 pm             $5.00

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