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Perfect Peppers & Terrific Tomatoes

With the nights now consistently warm it’s the perfect time to plant heat loving tomatoes and peppers. Greenland is proud to bring a bounty of unique varieties in for our local gardeners. From sweet and spicy peppers to the amazing DOUBLE grafted tomatoes you’re sure to find the perfect pepper or tomato for your planters or veggie garden.


Mama Mia Giallo
- Very early maturing yellow sweet Italian pepper. Long tapered fruits with easy to remove skin. Nice sweet flavor that is excellent either fresh, grilled  or roasted. Bright yellow/gold fruit are pendant on sturdy dark green bushy plants with excellent coverage from sunburn.
Mini-Red Bell - Abundant crops of sweet, crisp, 2 inch lobed fruits ripen from green to red on sturdy, adaptable 18-24 inch plants. Ideal for salads, salsas, stuffing, or pickling.


Atris - Early, thick-walled, super sweet non-bells mature from green to red. Heavy yields of the 6-9” horn-shaped fruits, good for eating fresh, grilled, stuffed, or pickled.
Ring O Fire - A very hot early cayenne that’s ideal for northern gardens! Abundant slender, 6 inch green peppers ripen to deep glossy red on adaptable plants. Great for drying! 60 days from transplant.

Peguis - This hefty jalapeno pepper packs a wallop! Fruits grow 1-1/2 inches wide and 3-1/4 to 4 inches long. Medium hot fruits are uniform with smooth skins, starting out shiny green and transitioning gradually to red at maturity. Excellent for fresh use in salsas and salads, or for stuffing and pickling as well. Plants are very prolific producers.
Big Jim Anaheim - Medium-hot, 10-12 inch tapered fruits are among the largest of the chile peppers and are perfect for chiles rellenos. Each plant produces 24-30 pods which tend to ripen all at the same time from green to red


Juliet - Indeterminate. Glossy red grape tomatoes grow in large heavy clusters. Sweet and flavorful fruits are perfect for salads, salsa, or fresh pasta sauce. Crack resistant and holds well on the vine
Dark Galaxy - (OP) Indeterminate. 1-3 oz. round, oblate fruits. Unripe fruits are green with purple anthocyanin stipples & spots. As ripens, turns rusty red on bottom and shades of black with spots & flecks that give 3 dimensional look. Great producer. Wild Boar Farms hybrid.
Goldrush Yellow Currant - Indeterminate. Very sweet, low-acid, small-fruited tomato is great for salads, garnishes, or eaten all by itself!  Currant tomatoes can easily cross with with other tomato varieties. Don’t plant near other varieties you’re saving for seed

Carmello - One of the finest all-around tomatoes, with large crops of heavy, juicy, full-flavored red fruit, even in cooler weather. Very productive vigorous plants need staking for best crop.
Grandma’s Pick - Large, squat, pleated fruit averaging 3 ½” wide and 1 ¾” tall. Striking orange/red on shoulders deepens to bright red at bottom. High yielding, sweet fruit with a rich, true tomato flavor. High lycopene content.


Amish Paste - Indeterminate. Meaty 6-8 ounce red fruits with outstanding flavor fresh or cooked. An Amish heirloom from Wisconsin via Lancaster, PA. Gives abundant yields of one of the best tomatoes for sauces and canning.




Blush - Indeterminate. A julienne cherry tomato sought after for its exceptionally sweet, juicy, tropical flavor. The 2 inch elongated fruits are ready when a pink blush appears over the golden yellow skin.



Sweet Heart - Indeterminate. Continuous heavy yield of ruby red, sweetly flavored 1½ inch grape tomatoes. Uniform, crack-resistant, easy-to-pick fruits keep well after harvest.



Grafted Doubles

These amazing tomato plants have two varieties on one plant! Here are the combinations we have:

Brandywine and Cherokee Purple
INDIGO Cherry Drop and INDIGO Pear Drops
Sweetheart and Blush
San Marzano Gigantee and Golden San Marzano
Black Opal and Sweet Aperitif
Sungold and Brandywine
Sweet 100 and Sungold

Indigo Varieties

These amazing tomatoes sport deep purple color when forming, then as they  mature ripen into reds and golds. They always maintain a remnant of the purple at the top of the fruits even once fully ripened. The purple colour is an indication of a the highest amount of anthocyanins you can find in tomatoes  – amazing antioxidants.


Gold Berries
Cherry Drops




Pear Drops
Clackamas Blueberry



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