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Plant Pick of the Week

'Shooting Star” Hydrangea

Want the perfect companion for the red poinsettia for your home this holiday season – try growing the new 'Shooting Star” Hydrangea.  The snow white flowers of this beauty enhances seasonal decorations even more. Forced into flower for the holiday season, 'Shooting Star' Hydrangeas are what is known as a lace cap type of Hydrangea; meaning the flower heads are flattened.

Noted for their fireworks like display, the double snow white flowers are shaped like a star within a star.  This amazing plant holds its colour for 4-6 weeks before maturing into a greenish hue that will last an additional 4-6 weeks.  Since the flowers are sterile, you don't have to worry about pollen falling onto furniture or onto the floor.

Cultural Care

  • maintain constantly moist soil; water every day or every second day
  • keep near an east, west or south window
  • avoid draughts and heat registers
  • transplant in spring and feed regularly with 20-20-20 and occasionally 30-10-10
  • place outdoors during the summer but bring indoors in autumn
  • will re-bloom




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