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Rare Cacti and Succulents

These collector cacti and succulents may be rare and unusual, but they are not any more difficult to grow than mainstream varieties. All items pictured are in stock as of posting time… but some are in limited quantities so for availability and pricing, please call the Greenhouse at 780-467-7557

Living Stones
Living Stones – Lithops spp.

Rarely available in this size, we have large 5” pots of these unique succulents available, with about 20 plants in each! Great value.

Purple Split Rock
Purple Split Rock – Pleiospilos nellii ‘Royal Flush’

“Mimicry” plants that look like rocks with a split down the middle; this is the purple form
with pink flowers! We also have the normal green form with yellow-orange flowers.

Baby's Toes
Baby’s Toes – Fenestraria rhopadophylla

Another mimicry plant, these produce clusters of very short grey-green leaves that look like small stones or toes.

Huernia spp.

A type of “asclepiad” succulent sometimes called “carrion flower” or
“lifesaver plant”, we have several different species available. Very rare!


Stapelia Scitula
Starfish Flower – Stapelia scitula

Another type of asclepiad, these have star-shaped flowers that can range in colour from pale yellow to deep purple. We have several different colour forms available.


Caralluma speciosa

Yet another asclepiad, this rare native of South Africa will produce clusters of maroon-black flowers.


Vulcan Palm
Vulcan Palm – Brighamia insignis

This critically endangered species may be extinct in the wild. Endemic to Hawaii, it is actually a relative of common bellflower (Campanula) and produces bright yellow flowers at the top of its thick trunk-like caudex. Only a couple left!


Madagascar Palm – Pachypodium spp.

We have an excellent selection of these rare and collectible caudiciform succulents, which are related to popular
plants such as Mandevilla and Oleander. Some species available include P. brevicaule, P. eburneum and
P. lealii ssp. saundersii var. compactum. We also have HUGE 5 gallon pots of P. lamerei!


We have some gorgeous 1 gallon pots of these stunning plants available.


Haworthia Cooperi
Haworthia cooperi

This uncommon species is sometimes called “window plant” because the leaves are
partially transparent, an adaptation that allows them to survive in intense sunlight.

Haworthia White Ghost
Haworthia retusa ‘White Ghost’

A rare variegated selection with almost white leaves.


hite Dragon Bones
White Dragon Bones - Euphorbia lactea ‘White Ghost’

We have super-sized pots of this rare and wicked succulent which are
almost pure white. We also have the standard green form.


Euphorbia Pubiglans
Euphorbia pubiglans

This rare species resembles a palm and produces unusual yellow-green flowers.


Euphorbia Neohumbertii
Euphorbia neohumbertii

A rare species from Madagascar, the leaves drop in winter and leave
interesting scars behind, which give the trunk a unique character.


Euphorbia suzannae
Euphorbia suzannae

These guys look like little hedgehogs, but the “spines” are actually soft.

Gasteria ‘Sakura Fuji’

This Japanese selection has beautiful white-splashed
leaves and also produces bell-shaped orange flowers.


Kambroo – Fockea edulis

An African caudiciform vine which produces a round caudex at the base and long, climbing stems – something completely different.


Elephant Tree
Elephant Tree – Operculicarya decaryi

There has never been a plant more perfect as a pre-bonsai! A rare
African tree/shrub with a unique growth habit and dainty foliage.

Uncarina Roeoseliana
Uncarina roeoesliana

Another caudiciform succulent, this has unusual velvety leaves and beautiful funnel-shaped, golden-yellow flowers.

Brain Cactus
Brain Cactus – Echinofossulocactus longispinus

One of several varieties of this bizarre cactus we have available, these
have deeply grooved stems which look like the name suggests!


Lizard Skin Cactus
Lizard Skin Cactus – Copiapoa barquitensis

This unusual cactus has brown, leathery stems.


neoporteria multicolor
Neoporteria multicolor

This wild cactus has curled black spines and near-black stems. Will also produce large pink flowers.


Rainbow Cactus
Rainbow Cactus – Echinocereus pectinatus var. rubispinus

One of the most beautiful cacti, with reddish-pink spines and large pink flowers.


weingartia trollii
Weingartia trollii

This cute and rare cactus will produce a profusion of reddish-orange flowers!


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