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Spring Lawn Care

Warmer temperatures make this week the perfect time to get your lawn growing. Here are some helpful tips:

1.  Lawn dethatch rake - Thoroughly rake up thatch as soon as the grass is dry enough. Older lawns should be aerated every year and power raked every 2-3 yrs. For the years in between power raking, hand raking is sufficient.



2.  Cil 10-20-5 and Turf Revolution 5-1-5 - Apply a fertilizer to stimulate root development such as CIL 10-25-5,  or an organic choice such as Turf Revolution 5-1-5.  This alfalfa based food is great for stimulating new roots on your grass or in your garden.



3.  Turf Revolution K-Mag - The secret to a greener lawn is Turf Revolution K-Mag 0-0-21 .  It contains all of the essential nutrients for greening up your lawn (potassium, magnesium and sulphur). This organic product can be safely combined with other fertilizers or used on its own.


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