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Super Soil

AXIS Soil Amendment

This natural product helps to improve soil properties in lawns, flowerbeds, interior landscaping... anywhere an optimum growing medium is needed.
·         Reduces compaction
·         Firms up soggy soils and loosens hard-to-work soils
·         Improves water retention
·         Lowers water requirements by up to 3o%!
·         Buffers soil temperatures

How it works:

Made from diatomaceous earth, Axis ‘diatoms’ are like hard little microscopic sponges, that allow for air and water movement and open up the ‘pores’ of your soil. The little sponges actually hold on to water and nutrients, releasing them when required. By altering the soil physics, water and oxygen become more readily available to plant roots. Kiln fired to 1800°F, AXIS is extremely durable and long lasting.


·         Till into flowerbeds to improve drainage and retain moisture
·         Mix into container garden soil to prevent pots from drying out quickly
·         Broadcast across lawn after aerating to increase turf drainage and decrease water requirements

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