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Tomato Talk

Cherry Varieties

Indigo Pear Drops (grafted)

  • indeterminate variety
  • heavy producer of golden yellow and purple pear-shaped fruit
  • unique delicious flavour high in phytonutrients
  • large vigorous plants up to 8' in height laden with fruit
  • excellent in salads


Sun Sugar (grafted)

  • one of the world's sweetest tomatoes
  • one of the best orange cherry type varieties with exceptionally sweet, delicious, low acid fruit
  • heavy producer on massive 10-12' plants
  • just keeps on producing well into the fall until frost – constantly in bloom
  • indeterminate
  • highly recommended




  • this one produced amazingly this summer with each plant easily produced over 200 cherry tomatoes
  • very similar to Sun Sugar in taste
  • Tina’s plants reached about 3' tall and 2' wide with an abundance of fruit and flowers all summer long




Tiny Tim

  • we get many requests for this guy, however I don’t find these tiny plants productive enough to try again
  • great tasting fruit, pops in your mouth
  • because plants are so compact it does not produce enough for me!




Red Currant

  • these are one of the best tasting tomatoes out there
  • the tiny fruit pop in your mouth with amazing sweet, juicy flavour, but note – they are wild
  • Tina’s grew to about 6' tall, and over 2' wide, and they take a long time to harvest each fruit
  • best way to harvest is to get out your clippers and prune off little trusses of the fruit
  • also available in yellow.



Dancing with Smurfs

  • produced an enormous amount of fruit on just one plant – hundreds
  • fruit is tasty, juicy, and ripened later than other cherry tomatoes, leaving me lots for when my tumblers and sweet n neats had run out




White Cherry

  • though this variety produced an enormous amount of fruit, the taste was very bland, and the texture quite mushy.




Standard Varieties


Early Girl

  • always reliable as a good early maturing variety
  • excellent producer
  • medium sized, top quality fruit
  • delicious, low acid variety
  • determinate


42 Days

  • the earliest smaller fruited bush type tomato
  • ready by 42 days as the name indicates
  • bright red, tasty fruit slightly larger than Tumbler
  • very low growing, compact, determinate variety
  • good producer of low acid, sweet fruit


Mortgage Lifter (grafted)

  • indeterminate variety
  • very large meaty dark pink fruit with a good old time flavour
  • great for sandwiches
  • heavy producer
  • an heirloom variety known for its productivity


Steak Sandwich (Burpees)

  • a real disappointment
  • did not set fruit until late
  • ind variety
  • average producer of average quality fruit


Super Fantastic

  • just like the name implies
  • one of the best, earliest producers of medium to large fruit that does not crack
  • a heavy producer of top quality, mild, tasty fruit
  • indeterminate



  • one of our most popular sellers, this is still one of the very best producers on compact plants
  • we had many customers seeking ‘cocktail’ tomatoes this year, and this would be a good example of one
  • though there are sweeter tomatoes out there, this is still one of the best producers.



Heirloom/Unique Varieties


Tasmanian Chocolate (grafted)

  • dwarf, compact, indeterminate variety
  • good yielder of large deep chocolate-red fruit
  • a balanced, mild flavour



Indigo Dwarf Shadow Boxing (grafted)

  • good yielder
  • deep red fruit with purple/black shoulders when ripe, indicating high antioxidant levels
  • early producers
  • compact determinate habit
  • unique flavour, slightly acidic


Indigo Dwarf Galaxy

  • though this one ripened quite late in the season for me, the colours were absolutely beautiful for use in salads
  • since it produced late, many of these were picked underripe, but ripened evenly in storage
  • I roasted many for sauce, and the skins came off quite cleanly after roasting.



Ketchup and Fries

  • we were excited to see how this new selection would produce…and taste. One of our staff members brought me a bowl of these delicious cherry tomatoes
  • they are smaller, pop in your mouth and were produced in abundance on just one plant
  • our staff member told me the plants were pretty much ignored, but continued to produce and produce.


Zapotec Ribbed

  • plants produce a significant amount of fruit on each plant, considering the fruit is so large – many of mine over a pound
  • the oddly ribbed fruit makes it an impressive sliced tomato for sandwiches or burgers
  • good meaty taste, the skins don’t come off easily after roasting, but the meatiness of the fruit adds a great component to tomato sauce



San Marzano

  • the abundance of paste tomatoes I got on each plant was amazing
  • both yellow and red were grown, red seems to produce slightly larger fruit
  • the BEST for making sauce, skins come off very cleanly after roasting.



Oaxacan Jewel

  • all of the tomatoes out at my Old Man plot received the same care; lots of Off the Vine when planting, consistent moisture and liquid kelp through the season
  • the fruit is a beautiful colour, but production was quite low, and the flavour was mediocre.




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