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Unusual Indoor Plants

If you're looking for something unique to liven up your home, look no further than this selection of easy-to-grow tropicals.

Sweetheart HoyaSweetheart Hoya

Hoya kerrii

  • Slow-growing vine
  • Messages can be carved into the leaves with a sharp pencil, which will scar over and leave a permanent mark
  • Produces clusters of pendant, red and white flowers
  • Prefers a brightly lit area, particularly for flower production
  • Allow soil to approach dryness between watering
  • Allow plants to become rootbound to induce blooming
  • Fertilize once per month March to October with 20-20-20

Lepismium CactusLepismium Cactus

Lepismium cruciforme

  • An epiphytic cactus, meaning it grows on trees in the wild
  • Cascading foliage will be olive green in ideal conditions, but turns a vibrant magenta color when the plant is stressed
  • Withhold water in the summer and winter to encourage coloration of the foliage and blooming
  • Small white flowers, tinged pink, appear all along the leaves and are followed by pink fruits
  • Can bloom several times per year
  • In spring and fall, water carefully, keeping the soil almost dry
  • A dilute fertilizer can be applied every few weeks while growth is occurring

'Red Sister' Ti Plant'Red Sister' Ti Plant

Cordyline fruticosa 'Red Sister'

  • A Dracaena relative with corn-like stalks bearing showy pinkish-red foliage
  • Grows 4-6 feet tall and forms a clump
  • Requires bright light to maintain color
  • Enjoys spending the summer outdoors in a lightly shaded location
  • Prefers moderate moisture; be careful of overwatering in winter but do not allow to dry out completely
  • Fertilize monthly with 20-20-20 March to October

Vietnamese Gardenia
Vietnamese Gardenia

Kailarsenia vietnamensis

  • An uncommon type of Gardenia that is different from the standard, "true" type
  • Large 3", white flowers have a pinwheel shape, with flared ends on the petals
  • The blooms have a slightly waxy texture and a strong, sweet fragrance
  • Blooms over a long period
  • Easier to grow than true Gardenias
  • Plants can be trimmed back if they become leggy
  • Fast-growing
  • Prefers bright light and consistent moisture, coupled with good drainage
  • Fertilize once per month with 15-30-15 March to October

‘Victoria’ Bird Nest Fern‘Victoria’ Bird Nest Fern

Asplenium nidus ‘Victoria’

  • A unique variety of a popular houseplant
  • Bright green fronds have an intricate ruffling along the edges
  • Layers of fronds form a “bird nest” shape
  • Tolerant of shady conditions; intolerant of direct sunlight
  • Requires consistent soil moisture
  • Prefers high humidity; misting is beneficial

Sago Palm
Sago Palm

Cycas revoluta

  • The most popular of the cycads
  • The Cycad Family is among the oldest plant groups in the world, and individual cycad plants can live for thousands of years
  • This species grows wild in Japan, and its pith produces an edible starch which is used to make sago
  • The short trunk will slowly elongate in age and is very rough-textured
  • A crown of stiff, deep green leaves rises from the top of the trunk
  • All parts of the plant are poisonous to pets and humans





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