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Weekend Savings

We're making fall gardening tasks just a bit easier with great savings!
Discounts apply Sat. Oct 1 and Sun. Oct 2 ONLY

Plant Fall Bulbs

Reward yourself in spring by planting fall bulbs now. Tulips, daffodils, alliums, crocus and more should be planted now. These hardy bulbs will fill your garden with amazing colour in spring...you'll thank yourself then!  All Fall Bulbs 25% off Oct 1-2



Water, Water, Water

Though rain is forecasted for this weekend, trees, shrubs and perennials will require more than is expected.
Providing plants with a significant reservoir of moisture is imperative to winter survival, so water plants deeply once per week prior to final freeze up. Our Ross Root Feeder is a great watering tool; attach to your hose and push spike into soil. Moisture will be released slowly and effectively saving you time and money.
Reg. $49.99 SALE $39.99 Oct 1-2

Time to Topdress

Fall is a great time to topdress lawns, flowerbeds and vegetable gardens with compost, but it can be hard, dirty, work hauling all those bags. Time Sav'r Topdressing is an organic, pelletized compost, making it so easy to apply. Each bag equals 8 bags of standard compost, meaning less bags to haul to the backyard. Each 9kg bag covers 750 square feet.  Reg. $19.99 Sale $10.00  Oct 1-2



PLUS! Select Fall Decor

25% off  Oct 1-2

Select fall florals, home accents, etc.


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