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New and Interesting Roses

Roses have always been a mainstay in any garden dating back from Victorian times until present day. Noted for their beauty, fragrance and elegance, we have chosen the following varieties to grace our gardens this season:


Anna's Promise rose

Anna’s Promise (New for 2015)

Large single and double flower clusters in a novel golden tan and pink blush bi-colour combination with a coppery reverse to each petal. Flowers have a moderate fruity fragrance with a hint of cloves. Plants are medium sized (3’x3’), rounded and bushy with deep green glossy foliage. Excellent disease resistance.

Brothers Grimm rose
Brothers Grimm (New for 2015)

A new floribunda with an old fashioned flower form with a unique novel colour and high level of disease resistance. Two to three inch flowers are a colourful blend of orange and apricot with a yellow reverse in large clusters throughout the season. Mild fragrance. Bushes are upright, clothed in dark green glossy foliage with excellent strong blooming ability. Height 2-3’ with a 3’ width.

Neil Diamond Rose
Neil Diamond (New for 2015)

Named after the acclaimed Rock ‘n’ Roll Hall of Fame singer-songwriter, this rose ironically has the variety ‘Rock ‘n’ Roll’ as one of its parents. Plants sport large attractive buds on long cutting stems opening to 4”-5” fully double blooms which are pink with white stripes. Flowers have an intense sweet classic rose fragrance. The plant stands strong with a vigorous upright habit, tall enough a nose level, allowing one to enjoy the fragrance. Resistant to powdery mildew and rust.

Doris Day rose
Doris Day (New for 2015)

Named after America’s sweetheart, this lovely yellow rose comes with super floriferous attributes. Ruffled medium to large (up to 4.5” across) golden yellow blooms boast a strong fruity, sweet spicy scent. Plant habit is upright and bushy on a medium sized plant sporting vigorous growth each season.

Poseidon Rose
Poseidon Rose

A unique floribunda type rose with rich lavender blooms sporting a mild to strong fragrance. Flowers are large and very full (up to 60 petals) and up to 4” across. Plants bloom in flushes throughout the growing season. Foliage is light green and plants have an upright bushy habit up to 3.5’ tall with a 2’ spread. Vigorous growth habit shows great resistance to powdery mildew and black spot.

Take it Easy Rose
Take It Easy (New for 2015)

Elegantly pointed buds give way to numerous clusters of flowers in a classic red colour with a white eye which do not fade as petals age. Dark shiny green, healthy foliage with high natural disease resistance and excellent vigor, all combine to make this “blooming machine” one that is here to stay in years to come.


David Austin Group

Acclaimed for their strong and diverse fragrances, these beautiful, often many petalled, cupped or rosette formed flowers have the ability to repeat flower over a long season. Other attributes include their ability to flower down the base, unique colour range an superb health with disease resistance.

Jubilee Celebration rose
Jubilee Celebration

Large domed flowers are of a rich salmon pink with hints of gold on the underside of each petal. Blooms sport a deliciously fruity rose scent with hints of lemon and raspberry are held well above the foliage making it ideal for cutting. A vigorous grower developing into a nicely rounded shrub 4’ in height and width.

The Ainwick Rose
The Alnwick Rose

Another winner from the David Austin line. A most beautiful shrub with cupped buds and deeply cupped full petalled rich pink flowers with a paler edge. Flowers are beautiful at all stages from bud stage to being fully opened. Plants have a nice rounded bushy form (4’ tall & 2.5’ wide) blooming intermittently throughout the summer until hard fall frosts. Fragrance is that of a traditional old rose with a hint of raspberry.

Winchester Cathedral rose
Winchester Cathedral

For those loving white roses, this one fits the bill. Flowers are white occasionally touched by a buff pink towards the center and are of medium size. Masses of flowers throughout the summer with a delicious old rose fragrance with hints of honey and almond. This first class variety has well shaped twiggy bushy growth and nice clean foliage. Plants attain a height and spread of 4’.

Hardy Roses


Never Alone RoseNever Alone Rose (New for 2015)

A new variety of Siberian hardy shrub rose developed in Morden Manitoba similar to the well- known “Campfire” variety of late. This variety grows 3’ tall and wide, sporting rich green saw-toothed foliage and enormous blooming power from June until hard fall frosts shut down flowering. The 2-3” flowers are a creamy colour in the center with vibrant deep red edges. As well, for every rose sold, $1.00 will go directly to the Never Alone Foundation which is a national charity committed to improving lives of people affected by cancer. This foundation provides compassionate supportive services that have a direct impact on individuals and their families affected by this disease.


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