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Air Plants

One of the easiest houseplants to grow, these spiky plants have an enormous range of shapes, sizes and textures. Requiring no soil to survive, air plants can easily be displayed in decorative bowls, vases, terarriums and more. Greenland has several varieties available, here are some helpful tips on growing them:

Tillandsia sp (Air Plants)
  • native to the southern US through Central and South America to Argentina
  • members of the bromeliad family
  • thousands of species in the wild ranging from those that grow on trees (epiphytes) to the ones that grow in soil in arid or dry environments
  • flowers can be long and tubular or flaring lasting 3-4 days
  • blooms can be fragrant and range from intense yellows, white, purple to red, and often contrast with the foliar colour nicely
  • one of the most carefree and hardiest of all houseplants.

Indoor Culture

  • when grown as houseplants Tillandsia lend themselves to moist indoor environments and should be watched closely for the first few weeks as they adapt
  • this means giving them plenty of fresh air, good light and good humidity
  • prefer plenty of strong indirect light from a nearby window (preferably a south facing window)
  • require good air circulation such as an open window or a fan
  • Tillandsia benefit from spending the summer outdoors in a shady, moist location


  • totally submerge in a sink in room temperature water containing a fertilizer such as 30-10-10 at quarter strength weekly
  • let them sit 20-30 minutes, then drain and let plants drip dry
  • misting also helps, keeping in mind that grey leaved types require less humidity than green leaved types.

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