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Amaryllis Varieties

The Amaryllis is a classic holiday flower that displays the spirit of the season. Amaryllis make excellent centerpieces as the flowers sit high, still allowing guests to see each other across the table. They also make wonderful Christmas gifts.


Use a container mix suited for use indoors. Firm the bulb and roots in well making sure that at least one half of the bulb is showing above the mix. Water the bulb in and place it in a warm spot (21-25 ºC) Once planted, do not fertilize until growth appears. As growth appears fertilize with half strength 15-30-15 every 2-3 weeks. Grow at 21-25ºC until blooms appear, then cool them down to 15-18ºC so blooms last longer. Rotate the pot slightly every few days so flower stalk doesn't lean, allowing it to grow straight.

Amaryllis can also be forced by growing in a glass container with rock and a bit of water in the bottom.

TIP if growing using the glass method – to keep bottom stalks sturdy and to prevent them from falling over, water with a mixture of half water and half gin or vodka.

Varieties of Amaryllis

Santa's Little Helpers Series

This series of outstanding Amaryllis have been specifically cultivated in South America to get them ready to bloom virtually the moment the bulbs touch the soil, blooming much earlier than the ones imported from the Netherlands. This series is the best to use in projects with children, as the flowers appear before the kids have totally forgotten about having put the bulbs in pots.

This series consist of the following varieties:










New Novelty Varieties for 2014

This year at Greenland we are offering three new novelty varieties never before seen in the trade until now.

 Exotic Peacock

  • look like a double delicious candy cane
  • double bi-coloured blooms up to 10” across
  • each stem produces at least four blooms
  • 20-24” tall


Exotic Star

  • a glamorous species type flower orchid-like in appearance
  • elongated burnished raspberry colour over white and green petals with a dark raspberry throat
  • 20” tall



  • the richest coloured and most beautiful green flowered Amaryllis ever
  • long spidery recurved petals in a bright celery green, deepening in the center into a star shape.
  • Blooms are long lasting with 5-8 and sometimes more flowers per stem with as many as three flowering stalks
  • 20-24” tall


Unique Varieties for this Season

We have selected the following varieties because of their beauty, novel characteristics and most importantly ease of performance for experts and novices alike.

Double Dragon

  • huge 8” double scarlet red flowers with wide petals
  • multiple bloom stalks with 4-5 flowers per stalk




  • lush 8” many petalled double blooms of white flushed with red at the center of the petals and fine red edges
  • each bulb produces two flowering stalks with 4-5 blooms per stalk, lasting 7-8 weeks




  • a miniature variety with almost trumpet shaped blooms in shades a high intensity neon-fuchsia pink; the throat is a white to lime green
  • this variety has purple stems
  • blooms are 5-6” across
  • all miniature Amaryllis varieties produce smaller blooms but more of them




  • a fully double flower, snowy white with small streaks of salmon.
  • compact habit, a generous bloomer with multiple stalks.



  • this variety hails from Brazil
  • unlike ordinary Amaryllis, Papillio has several flower stems which are shorter than most
  • flowers are an elegant burgundy and white striped trumpet shape
  • this variety is “evergreen”, meaning dormancy is not necessary for reflowering
  • blooms 5-6 weeks after planting


Red Peacock

  • a double scarlet flower with thin ribbon stripes of white down the center of each petal
  • 6-7” blooms on 20” plants



Scarlet Baby

  • has to be seen to be believed!
  • Up to 4 intense flowers per skin, 4-5” in diameter
  • being a miniature, this variety has smaller blooms but many more flowering stalks with blooms are produced – often producing four stalks of blooms lasting up to two months
  • 20” tall



  • an older spectacular two toned variety that features bold red striping on white petals
  • large 810” blooms with a very pleasant fragrance
  • 24” tall




To Reflower

Amaryllis will bloom year after year given proper care. The trick is to keep them actively growing after they have finished flowering, as leaves provide necessary nourishment to the bulb.

  1. Cut off spent blooms as they fade, then cut down the flowering stock once entire flower clusters are gone. (Some experts recommend leaving flower stalks until they yellow, providing extra nourishment to the bulb.)

  2. In May or June, once danger of frost has passed, place bulbs outdoors for the summer, fertilizing every 2-3 weeks with full strength 15-30-15.

  3. Continue watering and fertilizing to encourage good leaf growth to feed the bulb.

  4. Stop watering and fertilizing in August or September and allow plants to dry out completely in the sun. Bring indoors, removing all dead leaves.

  5. Place in a dimly lit area in a cool (10-13ºC) spot for 6-8 weeks even up to 12 weeks. Do not water. Eventually new growth will appear. As new growth appears, pot up the bulb. Within 6-8 weeks the first blooms will appear


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