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Amazing Apples

The earliest crops of apples are popping up across the city. If you’ve considered adding an apple tree to your yard, here are some of our favourites:


Green fruit washed with red. Excellent for eating, cooking, and storing. Mild pleasant flavour. Apple ripens early to mid-September.  Ht: 15’ Sp: 12’




This recent introduction is the sweetest prairie-hardy apple yet developed, with crisp, 3-inch fruit that is described as comparable to ‘Gala’. The apples mature in late August and store well into the new year. Ht: 12-15’ Sp: 8’




That picture you see is a crop of apples from 630 CHED host Morgan Webb’s yard. Fruit is green washed with red. Good for cooking, eating and excellent for storing. Ripens late September. Ht: 15’ Sp: 12’



Combination Apples

This unique apple combines several hardy apple varieties all onto one tree.  The result is a combination of apples perfect for eating fresh, baking and storing.  Different combinations available, call our garden centre for more info.


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