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Bulbs - Did You Know?

Some interesting little tidbits about our favourite fall bulbs…

Martagon Lilies
- Did you know these tough lilies will tolerate shade? Did you know these are incredibly difficult to source in the spring? Fall is the best time to plant these beauties and we have over 10 varieties! Martagon lillies will thrive in the Arctic Circle and therefore in raised beds and planters out in the open where roots freeze hard!
Mice, Rabbits a problem? Plant pest-resistant bulbs such as daffodils, Siberian squill, and fritillaria.

Bulbs in the lawn - Did you know that small bulbs such as crocus, snowdrops and muscari can be planted right into the lawn? Siberian Squill is one of the best, as it can spread by seed, and will form a large clump that goes dormant long before you need to worry about mowing the lawn.  A cordless drill with a large drill bit works great for creating planting holes.


Garlic - Did you know the BEST time to plant garlic is in autumn? If you plant your garlic now you’ll be assured beautiful heads of garlic by harvest next summer! Try unique varieties such as Mennonite or Russian Red.

When you are busy pulling out frozen annuals in your borders,  pop tulips and daffodils into the holes.  This will not only give you colour first thing in spring, but it will take the pressure off to get all those annuals in so early next season!

Think ahead to the dreary months of January and February – pick up some narcisssus, hyacinth, even tulips now. You can choose to pot them up or store them in the package; keep in a cool spot such as the spare fridge downstairs. Pull them out in winter months and place in a sunny window for some amazing indoor colour.

Everywhere you see a perennial that comes up late – Hosta, etc.  plant a spring flowering bulb beside it – it marks where the plant is coming up in the prettiest way and when the bulb gets looking messy – tada!  The hosta covers it.

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