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Fall Bulbs

It’s time for planting fall bulbs! This week we’re featuring some more unusual selections that are just as hardy as your standard tulips and daffodils.

Saffron Crocus

Crocus sativus, or Saffron Crocus send up wineglass shaped flowers that bring welcome colour to the fading autumn garden. The grass like foliage follows later and continues to grow after the flowers have faded. And if it's the saffron your looking to harvest then be sure to pluck a few of the orange threads to dry and enjoy in your savoury dishes!



Tulip Ice Cream

This unique tulip has blooms shaped like an ice cream cone that slowly open into huge blooms that resemble peonies! Bob grew this one in his own yard, and raved about how huge the blossoms were. Sells out quickly!



Tulip Blue Wow

Large peony shaped blossoms like Ice Cream, but in a beautiful shade of deep purple.



Blue Poppy Anemone

Anemones are an underplanted group that deliver a colorful perennial show and ask for little in return. This particular variety features clear blue blooms that would contrast beautifully with yellow daffodils in spring.



Tulip Yellow Wave

This Darwin tulip selection features the hardiness and long lasting blooms of regular Darwin tulips, but with the bonus of variegated green and gold foliage and clear yellow blooms.



Katherine Hodgkin Dwarf Iris

This hardy little iris will be one of the first to bring you spring colour. Plants form low mats of foliage smothered with blue blooms that resemble little orchids.

For tips on planting fall bulbs click here.


Want to learn more?

Join Garden Show host Bob Stadnyk next Saturday, September 6th at 1pm in our botanical garden for our Fabulous Fall Bulbs Class. Bob will share his expert tips for planting fall bulbs and share his personal favourites. Class includes a hands on demonstration on planting fall bulbs. Greenland Members Free, pre-registration required (non members $5.00). Call 780-467-7557 to register.

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