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Hydrangeas are one of our absolute favourite shrubs; they look amazing all season with healthy green foliage on compact, tidy shrubs that will fit into any garden. The blossoms come in a range of shapes and sizes, and bring welcome colour at a time when many other garden plants have finished blooming. Here are just a few of our favourite varieties:

Paniculata Hydrangea

Sturdy stems with cone shaped blooms, this type of Hydrangea will tolerate both sun and shade.


You’ll see many of these shrubs in our flowerbeds and in the botanical garden at Greenland. Strong stems hold medium green foliage, and in mid-July large flowerheads begin to form with dozens of creamy lime petals. Blooms hold their colour well into Autumn, when they start to turn a dusky pink. Ht: 4’  Sp: 4’  Zone 3


Little Lime

Limelights little brother, with the same qualities in a compact shape. Ht: 3’ Sp: 3’  Zone 3




Large cone shaped flowerheads open creamy pink and eventually mature to pink. Flowers appear midsummer, and persist right up until frost. Ht: 4-5’  Sp: 4-5’ Zone 3


Arborescens Hydrangea

This type of Hydrangea is most well-known for ‘Annabelle’. Less tolerant of hot, sunny sites, these hydrangea sport huge ball shaped blooms, and require rich, moist soil.


An improved form of the classic Annabelle Hydrangea, this variety features sturdier stems and larger, fuller blooms. Ht: 3-4’ Sp: 3-4’  Zone 3


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