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Italian Garden Seeds

San Marzano 2 Tomato

Classic Italian plum tomato for sauce & canning. This is the standard tomato used to make sauce in Italy. Large fruit (5-6 ounce) & plant. San Marzano have thin skins, less water and high in pulp 70 to 80g. Possibly the best cooking tomato in the world. Traditionally used to make Passata. 80-82 days. Indeterminate

Beet Chioggia

Round red beet with alternating white/red stripes inside. A traditional Italian beetroot that has reddish skin and candy striped ringed flesh. Incredibly sweet tasting, the stripes will fade when cooked but raw look quite spectacular in a salad. Comes from the Italian coastal town of Chioggia, near Venice.

Radish Candela Fuoco

Also called Candle of Fire Radish. Very long deep red radish with crisp white flesh. A popular market variety.

Radish Ravanello Zlata

Zlata means gold, and these radishes are indeed a unique golden brown. Moist and juicy, flavour less peppery than other radishes. This radish actually hails from Poland.

Chicory Catalogna Puntarelle

Produces a tall open plant with white stems and thin green leaves. Leaves are snipped for salads, while shoots can be harvested while still tender and cooked like asparagus or added to soups and salads. Soak in cold water for milder flavor. An Italian variety popular with high end chefs.

Onion Rossa Lunga di Firenze

‘Torpedo Onion’. Popular Italian variety that produces large elongated bulbs with red skin and pinkish-white flesh. Ideal for eating raw in salads due to its mild flavour. From Tuscany, stores very well.

Chicory Rossa di Verona

"Red chicory from Treviso" is one of the most sought after of the radicchios and is an elegant plant with red leaves contrasting with wide white ribs. The leaves are delicious in salads, and the ribs are used as a base for risotto and soup. Small plants are often simply grilled or pan fried.

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