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Limited Edition Plants

Early spring always brings us special plants that are often limited and not available later in the season.  Here are some unique things to try…..but remember, only the early birds will get them!

Honeywort (Cerinthe major) - ‘Pride of Gibraltar’

These fascinating and unusual colored plants have indigo-violet bells rimmed in white that dangle gracefully from bronzy-blue bracts that have rounded gray-green leaves. An absolute must to try, very hard to find. Grows 24-30 inches. Full sun to part shade



Andean Silver Sage (Salvia discolor)

This tender perennial from Peru is highly unusual for its dramatic, purple-black flowers and pistachio-green calyces. The drama is heighted by its contrasting silvery leaves and stems, which are densely cloaked in woolly, white hairs. Plants grow to about 18 inches tall and 12 inches wide. This specimen looks great in a container, tolerating very hot, dry weather.


Doublet Begonia

Adorable frilly double blooms in shades of pink or red smother compact foliage. Excellent addition to your shade planters.



Flowering Maple (Abutilon)

The “Lucky Lantern” series is a compact variety of the Flowering Maple which are excellent for summer containers. Maple leaf shaped foliage with large bell shaped blooms in either tangerine or yellow. Blooms all summer long! Ht: 12” Sp: 12”


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