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Martagon Lily

Native to parts of Europe, the Martagon Lily (Lilium martagon) can find a home in every garden on the Prairies.

They carry a light wildflower scent and flourish well in shade as well as full sun. Fall planting is ideal for Martagons from a bulb stage as planting in the spring often results in the plants not emerging the first season, and then those that do, often fail to bloom their first season.

Once planted, Martagons do not like to be disturbed. All benefit from an addition of lime added each fall to the soil.

Some varieties we carry include:

  • Yellow pink with purple tips and a strong orange center

  • 3-4' tall



  • deep red with a few gold spots

  • 4-5' tall

  • strong grower and an old fashioned staple


Guinea Gold
  • golden recurved petals touched with pink; rich golden stamens

  • 3-4' tall



Red Path
  • deep red, glossy flowers with orange centers and bright orange stamens

  • 3-4' tall



Sing Out
  • outfacing brilliant large orange spotted blossoms

  • 4' tall



Sweet Betsy
  • creamy pink inside with deep pink midribs on each petal

  • plum coloured stamens

  • 3-4' tall


  • brilliant showy tangerine orange spotted blooms

  • 3-3.5' tall




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