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No Bite

NEW! No Bite Animal Repellant

New from the Doktor Doom line of products is No Bite, a long lasting animal repellant for both wild and domestic animals.

  • Works for both wild and domestic animals – works on a wide variety of animals; deer, cats & dogs, porcupines, mice & voles and more.  Even works on some species of birds.
  • With just two applications the plant will deter pests for up to one whole year.
  • Active ingredient is denatonium benzoate – the bitterest compound known. Interestingly enough, this compound is actually required by law in some states to be added to antifreeze products to help prevent animal poisoning.
  • Unlike blood based/fear repellants, No Bite contains Cedar Oil. The addition of this fragrance means it can be used near patios and sitting areas.
  • The pressurized container makes it very easy to apply, sprays in any direction. Can be applied to both plant material and hard surfaces such as fences.


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