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Our Rose House is Open!

Our Rose House is officially open for the season and bursting with colourful buds and blooms! Though almost every variety is coming into bud, here are just a few that are looking exceptionally good.

Hybrid Teas
Ketchup and Mustard

Extremely green leaves beneath ketchup red petals backed by mustard yellow; flowers are 3” across.



Opening Night

This classy red hybrid tea makes for an amazing cut flower. The huge 4-5” red blooms are held on sturdy stems. Thick mounds of semi-glossy foliage. Ht: 4’ Sp: 4’  Zone 4


New Zealand

Beautiful fragrant hybrid tea with a strong old rose fragrance. Flowers are a soft warm pink colour and contrast well with the deep green glossy foliage. Very resistant to powdery mildew. 
Ht: 3’  Sp: 2.5’  Zone 5


Hardy Roses

• introduced in 2013, this rose has had rave reviews across Canada
• part of the Canadian Artist Series
• named in honour of the famous Canadian artist Thomas John Thomson based on a painting he did call “Campfire” showing a fire burning in front of a tent lit inside by a brilliant yellow light
• his masterpiece of design and colour fits this variety to a tea
• shapely buds with yellow and red tones open into flowers that are yellow edged in deep rose pink
• as the season progress, the edging on the blossoms become more intense
• flowers are mildly fragrant and measure 2-3” across
• a continuous bloomer, blooming early summer until the hardest of fall frosts
• one of the most disease resistant of all hardy types
• rounded, full, bushy habit 60-90cm tall and wide
• exceptionally hardy, good to -45ºC

Morden Sunrise

• one of the most sought after varieties at the greenhouse
• part of the Parkland Series of roses developed in Morden, Manitoba
• plants produce creamy orange buds that open to semi-double mildly fragrant dark orange flowers that fade to a creamy yellow
• an ever blooming variety with flowers beginning in June and lasting until the end of September
• dark green foliage that has excellent resistance to black spot and other fungal diseases
• low growing (60-80cm tall/60-80cm wide) making it very useful as a low hedge or planted en masse
• plants develop long orange rose hips which persist all winter, attracting birds and wildlife

Winnipeg Parks

• another member of the Parkland Series of roses
• one of the hardiest roses available for the Prairie
• endless procession of stunning double bright cherry red blossoms that go on from late spring into late fall.
• flowers are long stemmed – ideal as cut flowers
• foliage emerges as a burgundy colour in early spring, then progresses to red tipped dark glossy green
• orange/red rose hips provide food for birds and wildlife
• landscape attributes include: mass planting, ideal as hedges or screens, trouble free in the garden
• incredibly hardy and virtually free of disease and insect problems that plague other varieties
• 1m tall/1m wide (3' tall/3' wide)

Clean and Easy Roses
Grande Amore

•  a real standout among red hybrid teas, best acclaimed for its depth of colour and disease resistance blooms continuously all summer
• dark red pointed buds unveil high centered blooms of shiny, intensely red flowers with a strong fragrance
• dark green glossy foliage
• 1-1.5 m tall/ 1 m wide (3-4' tall/3' wide)


Souvenir de Baden Baden

• an elegant hybrid tea with long stems and good vase life
• wavy medium pink blooms with a strong fruity fragrance
• dark green foliage that is extremely disease resistant
• 1.5 m tall/ 1 m wide (3-4' tall/3' wide)



Winter Sun

• blooms have a classic rose shape, light yellow with a strong fragrance
blooms continuously throughout the season
• this variety has the ability to flower deep into the fall and start of winter, hence its name
• highly resistant to black spot and other fungal disease
• rich glossy green foliage
• a neat, tall growing bushy variety
• 1.5m tall/1.5m wide (4-5' tall/4-5' wide)


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