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Perennials Add Late Summer Colour

The late days of summer bring us much deserved warmth and sunshine, and a little bit more time to enjoy our gardens. Though many perennials bloom during the early and mid-summer months, there is a great selection of late blooming perennials to bring colour and texture to your garden for late summer and fall.

Here are some of our favourites:

Ornamental Grasses

Ornamental Grasses all have slender growth habits so they fit well in any garden space, and their airy blooms look fantastic in late summer – our favourites include Feather Reed Grass, Miscanthus (Flame Grass) and Switch Grass.


Black Eyed Susan

A Greenland favourite, Black Eyed Susan plants smother the garden from late summer right up until frost with their cheerful orange daisy blooms. Hardy and drought tolerant, Black Eyed Susans look fantastic when combined with Ornamental Grasses.


Joe Pye

Joe Pye boasts huge pink blooms atop 5'tall plants.  It makes a great background plant, requiring lots of room to grow  Joe Pye provide a beautiful contrast when planted with other late summer garden attractions such as ornamental grasses, rudbeckia and asters.



Upright Sedum

Thick succulent foliage forms beach ball like mounds that are topped with red, pink or white blooms in fall. Very hardy and very drought tolerant.

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