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Poinsettia Pop Quiz

Let’s test your knowledge of the most popular holiday plant!

1.  Poinsettia are related to this perennial:
A.  Baby’s Breath
B.  Cushion Spurge
C.  Peony

2.  How many times do we ‘pinch’ back the leaves of our Poinsettia to encourage sturdy, compact plants:
A.  Once
B.  Twice
C.  Five times

3.  Poinsettia are poisonous:
A. True
B.  False

4.  Joel Roberts Poinsett introduced the Poinsettia. He was a:
A.  Botanist
B.  Physician
C.  United States Ambassador to Mexico

5.  For leaves to colour up, they require:
A. Calcium fertilizer
B. Complete darkness for 14 hours a day
C.  The hot, dry temperatures of the greenhouse

6.  Another name for the Poinsettia is:
A.  Lobster Flower
B.  Crown of Mexico
C.  Desert Flames

Whether you need small pots for tabletops or large mixed planters for maximum impact you can be assured our Poinsettia are of the finest quality. Pop in to see our selection today; for wholesale inquiries contact us by email.

Answers:  1. B    2. A    3. B    4. All are correct    5. B    6. A

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