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Protect Your Plants

We love this weather, but fluctuating temperatures, bright sun and hungry animals can wreak havoc on even the hardiest of plants. Here are some tips for protecting them this winter:

Animal Repellants


We carry two very effective sprays. Plantskydd is blood based, and repels animals by scent. This has proven very effective on acreages at repelling deer, moose and porcupine. Available in a ready to use spray (1L - $29.99) or concentrate for larger areas (makes 4L - $32.99).

No Bite

No BIte, a new repellant from the Doktor Doom line of products is No Bite, works on a wide variety of animals; deer, cats & dogs, porcupines, mice, voles and more. This repellant works on taste, containing an extremely bitter tasting compound. Can be applied to both plant material and hard surfaces such as fences. $22.99

Tree Coil Wrap
Trunk Wraps

These inexpensive collars coil around the trunk of your tree to prevent damage from rabbits, mice and voles. $2.49

Burlap wrap


Plant Covers

Sun reflecting off snow and intense winds can cause considerable damage to tender evergreens such as boxwood or newly planted cedars. Shield plants by creating a windbreak with stakes and burlap fabric.


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