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Spring Break Ideas

Keep the kids busy this spring break with fun planting projects that are super easy.

Start some simple seeds

There are so many seeds to start indoors that are perfect for little beginners. Here’s how:

• Fill a small peat pot with a moistened soil mix designed for seeding
• Sow seeds at the depth listed on your seed packet
• Cover top of pot with plastic wrap. If planting several pots, it’s beneficial to pick up a seed tray you can set the pots in, and to top the tray off with a clear dome to maintain humidity.
• Check daily for moisture; once you see green growth plastic wrap should be removed, and pots should be placed in a very bright window.

Simple seeds to try include marigolds, sunflowers, tomatoes, pumpkins and peppers.


Jiffy Kids Cups

These petite pots include everything you need! The cup is filled with soil mix in which to plant the seeds (included). Simply sow your seeds, water, and use the plastic lid to keep in humidity until seeds germinate.  Choose from sunflower, watermelon or pumpkin.

Wheatgrass Easter Eggs

These would make a great gift for teachers or grandparents. Crack open an egg, trying carefully to get two equally sized halves. Wash and dry shells, then dye preferred colour. Once dry, fill shells with moistened soil mix, sprinkle wheatgrass seeds on top, then cover lightly with ore soil. Set into an empty egg carton and cover tops of shells with plastic wrap. Wheatgrass will germinate in just a few days. Once you see green growth, place shells in a brightly lit window and watch your green grass grow!  You can start wheatgrass in any kind of colourful container for a beautiful easter decoration; try brightly coloured pots, watering cans and more.


Air Plants

These super cool plants can be grown anywhere! Place them in a jar, in a vase, or glue them onto decorative rocks, seashells….even hang them in a window! No soil required, simply dunk them in water once per week to keep them happy

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