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Starting Begonias from Bulbs

Nothing brightens up a shady garden like Begonias. Unlike many annuals, they thrive in shade, blooming profusely in shades of red, pink, orange, white and yellow. These flowering bulbs are available every spring, however can also be started early indoors.


Choose a soil suitable for use in seeding/containers. Schultz Seed Starter is a great choice. Nestle tuber so that it rests just below the soil surface, with the hollow side facing up. Water tubers in well so soil settles around them.

Once plants start to flush out green growth, provide them with a sunny window or grow light. As plants grow, ensure you rotate them once per week to encourage dense, even growth. If plants start to form flower buds prior to planting out, these can be pinched off to divert energy back into growing leaves - there will be lots of time to bloom in summer!

Here are some types to try:


Vibrant blooms with crimped edges that resemble large carnations. Available in pink, red, white and yellow.




Blooms resemble the exotic camellia, but in bright, colourful shades. Available in pink, red, white and yellow.




Two tone blooms with a picotee edge. We stock yellow (with an orange edge) and white with a pink edge.




The pendulous stems of these trailing begonias are smothered by enormous double flowers all summer. Great for hanging baskets and containers. Available in apricot, pink, scarlet and yellow.



Novelty Begonia

This grouping includes some unique blossomed begonia; we have Champagne with cascading champagne coloured blooms, Pink Wave with pink/white blooms on trailing stems, and Red Glory with a gorgeous deep red bloom and dark green foliage on cascading stems.


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