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Gardener's Stocking Stuffers


Mini Garden Accessories

Whether your favourite gardener is already a ‘mini gardener’ or is wanting to start, it’s a great time to pick up some pint sized accessories they can pop into their planters. Miniature gardens are a great way to show your creative gardening side in winter, so why not package them up a mini garden kit; a container, some soil and mini accessories are all you need. Greenland has a great selection of fairy houses, figures, picks and other mini garden accessories starting at just $3.99.


Garden Markers

A decorative marker is a really nice touch in herb pots or veggie gardens, but most gardeners stick with plain plastic labels instead of treating themselves. We have some beautiful garden markers handmade from glass and recycled silverware that will make a fantastic stocking stuffer. Only $5.99, available in assorted designs from Fairy Garden to Herb Garden, Mom’s Garden and specific herbs like Oregano, Basil and more.



The rootcup is a great way to propagate your cuttings in a decorative way…no more plastic cups on your windowsill.

We love this for not only cuttings, but for displaying tiny succulents and other tropicals. Besides looking great, the rootcup:

  • protects a cutting’s roots from light, which helps roots grow.
  • holds the cutting’s leaves above the water to prevent rotting.
  • the slotted flexible lid easily opens to insert and remove cuttings
  • can be used for cuttings of any kind; woody trees/shrubs, evergreens, tropicals, succulents, herbs.
  • rootcup can be cleaned in a dishwasher or in boiling water to sterilize and reuse.

Available in grey and green, two sizes - $4.99 or $10.99

Herb Kits

Once the holidays are over and decorations are down, fill that empty windowsill with some fresh, fragrant herbs you can use to bring amazing flavour to meals throughout the winter. Our herb starter kits are only $4.99 and include soil mix, seed, planting tray and humidity dome. Available in parsley, chives, basil, catgrass and oregano.



Fill their stocking with the promise of a bounty of herbs and veggies this summer. Select veggies seeds are available now, including the following new selections we’ve not had before from McKenzie: (left to right:  Habanero Pepper, Sorrel, Sunsugar Tomato, Supersteak Tomato)

Habanero PepperSorrelSunsugar TomatoSupersteak Tomato







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