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Top Shrubs, Evergreens and Roses for 2015

Every year at Greenland we pick and choose nothing but the best in plant material that we feel are the best suited for our Prairie growing conditions. Based on sales, popularity, garden performance, customer feedback, ease of culture and hardiness, we have completed the following listings of plant material that not only fit those criteria but also guarantee success for our customers.

Top Deciduous Shrubs

Cornus alba 'Morden Amber' – Goldleaf Dogwood
  • beautiful golden foliaged dogwood with wonderful contrasting dark red back for summer and winter interest
  • a Morden Research Station introduction
  • 5-7' tall by 4-6' wide



Euonymus nana 'Turkastanica' – Turkestan Burning Bush
  • attractive evergreen leaves with pinkish/red fall colour and numerous deep pink capsules adding to its ornamental value
  • upright form with a sprawling habit
  • excellent in mass plantings
  • 3' tall by 3' wide


Hydrangea paniculata 'Firelight' – Hydrangea
  • new for 2015
  • sports long blooming huge pomegranate red flower clusters July to October
  • more tolerant of drier conditions than more Hydrangeas
  • 4-5' tall by 4' wide


Hydrangea paniculata 'Limelight' – Hydrangea
  • outstanding rounded variety with large long lasting lime green flower clusters August to October
  • a great addition to the late summer landscape
  • 5-6' tall by 5' wide



Philadelphus X 'Snowbelle' – Dwarf Mockorange
  • a small shrub absolutely loaded with clusters of deeply fragrant double pure white blossoms June to August
  • ideal for use in limited spaces
  • 3-4' tall by 3' wide


Physocarpus opulifolius 'Burgundy Candy' – Purple Ninebark
  • amazing shrub with rich, shiny metallic burgundy purple foliage
  • ideal for use as a contrast shrub in the landscape
  • very recent introduction (2013)
  • 4' tall by 4' wide
Rhas typhina 'Tiger Eyes' – Tiger Eyes Sumac
  • exacting contrast shrub for the landscape
  • compound leaves emerge green, then turn bright yellow with red petioles
  • 4-6' tall x 4-6' wide


Sambucus racemosa 'Goldilocks' - Goldenlocks Elder
  • prairie alternative to the Japanese maples of warmer climes
  • compact glove shaped shrub with finely cut bright yellow foliage and small red fruit in fall
  • outstanding for use as a contrast shrub
  • 3' tall x 3' wide



Syringa meyeri 'Palibin' – Dwarf Korean Lilac
  • a distinctive reliable lilac with soft pink bloom sporting a heavy fragrance
  • can be used as a hedge or grown as a shrub, or used as a specimen when grown as a standard
  • 4-5' tall x 4-5' wide

Viburnum lantana 'Mohican' – Mohican Wayfaring Tree
  • a more dwarf and compact form of the Wayfaring tree
  • soft powdery foliage with a whitish reverse
  • white spring flowers followed by orange red berries turning black in autumn
  • 6' tall x 6' wide

 Watch for a new introduction 'Red Ball', which produces bright red berries in the fall


Top Evergreens

Abies Koreana 'Cis' – Dwarf Korean Fir
  • beautiful dwarf rounded, compact fir
  • fine textured foliage with white undersides on the needles
  • 1.5' tall x 2-3' wide



Juniperu horizontalis 'Motherlode' – Motherlode Juniper
  • one of the best creeping junipers sporting soft yellow contrasting foliage
  • excellent in rock gardens, as a ground cover or use over retaining walls
  • best colour in partial shade
  • 6' tall with a 3-4' spread



Larix decidua 'Blue Dwarf' – Dwarf Blue Larch
  • beautiful soft textured blue foliage turning a brilliant yellow in late autumn
  • 12-18' tall x 3-4' wide


Picea pungens 'Pendula' – Weeping Blue Spruce
  • ideal for use as a specimen in the landscape with its weeping habit and intense silvery blue needles
  • purchase at desired height; weeps to several feet


Piceo abies 'Pendula' – Weeping Norway Spruce
  • another slow growing evergreen with a weeping habit
  • short dark green needles make a unique specimen in the landscape
  • purchase at desired height; weeps to several feet
  • excellent around ponds and waterfalls


Pinus cembra 'Chalet' – Swiss Stone Pine
  • a slow growing pine eventually forming a small tree
  • soft blue/green needles resistant to winter burn
  • retains a narrow pyramidal shape before taking on a broad rounded crown
  • 15-20' x 8-10' wide


Pinus strobus 'Louie' – Yellow Easter White Pine
  • a unique soft needled yellow pine
  • great as a specimen pine for small plantings
  • 8-10' tall x 4-5' wide



Pinus strobus 'Pendula' – Weeping Eastern White Pine
  • another blue/green soft needle pine with a weeping habit
  • excellent as a specimen or focal plant around ponds and waterfalls
  • purchase at desired height; weeps to several feet


Pinus sylvestris 'Green Penguin' – Dwarf Scotch Pine
  • new for 2014
  • excellent alternative to the Dwarf Alberta Spruce and much hardier
  • dwarf compact pyramidal forms with deep green rigid needles
  • 3-4' tall x 1.5' wide


Thuja occidentalis 'Yellow Ribbon' – Golden Pyramidal Cedar
  • a beautiful specimen cedar with brilliant yellow foliage and a tight growing habit
  • resistant to winter burn
  • 10-12' tall x 3' wide


Top Hardy Roses

Adelaide Hoodless (Parkland Series)
  • large brilliant clusters of crimson red blossoms summer into late fall
  • 3-5' tall x 3' wide

Bill Reid (Canadian Artist Series)
  • attractive yellow rose named for the acclaimed Haida sculptor
  • compact habit with good diseases resistance and lemon yellow blooms
  • 3' tall x 3' wide

Campfire (Canadian Artist Series)
  • new introduction 2013
  • exceptional new variety with everblooming tricoloured blossoms in red, white and yellow May to October
  • high disease resistance
  • heavy bloomer
  • 2-3' tall x 3' wide
Cuthbert Grant (Parkland Series)
  • award winning rose with large singular double deep crimson red blooms summer into fall
  • 3' tall x 3' wide


Emily Carr (Canadian Artist Series)
  • intense clusters of deep red blooms all season
  • 3' tall x 4' wide


Hansa (Shrub Rose)
  • after all these years, still one of the most popular varieties
  • very fragrant double purple red flowers followed by large scarlet hips
  • recurrent bloomers throughout the season
  • 4-6' tall x 3-4' wide


Morden Centennial (Parkland Series)
  • lightly scented medium pink blooms all summer
  • high disease resistance
  • 3-4' tall x 3' wide

Morden Sunrise (Parkland Series)
  • single bi-coloured yellow blossoms with a pink blush
  • great for limited spaces
  • 2-3' tall x 3' wide

Purple Pavement (Shrub Rose)
  • a very reliable heavy blooming variety tolerant of saline soils
  • clusters of semi double purple/red flowers all summer into late fall
  • 3' tall x 3' wide

Winnipeg Parks (Parkland Series)
  • a small shrub rose with outstanding large red flowers throughout the summer
  • glossy green foliage is tinged with red in the fall
  • excellent disease resistance
  • 2-3' tall x 2' wide


Top Tender Roses

Ebb Tide
  • strong spicy clove scent
  • velvety smokey plum flowers


  • intense traditional old rose scent
  • huge rich red blooms


Julia Child
  • strong licorice candy/spicy scent
  • butter gold flowers



Ketchup and Mustard
  • mild old rose scent
  • clusters of intense yellow and red flowers; non-fading



New Zealand
  • strong honeysuckle scent
  • huge soft pink flowers


Sexy Rexy
  • mild rose scent
  • heavy blooming clusters of medium pink, long lasting blooms that don't fade

Sugar Moon
  • heavy citrus rose scent
  • large pure white blooms




  • developed in the 70's and still one of the top 10 varieties in the world today
  • showy sweet licorice scented blooms
  • deep yellow long lasting flowers
  • blooms continuously


  • mild rose scent
  • unique bright scarlet orange flowers
  • heavy bloomer




Twilight Zone
  • clove/lemony citrus scent
  • intense amethyst purple flowers



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