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Unique Houseplant Picks

The end of the holiday season marks the beginning of a new season: houseplant season! Fight off the winter blues by bringing a taste of the tropics into your home. Houseplants clean the air, compliment your home décor, and have even been scientifically proven to enhance mood and concentration. At Greenland we have only just started to receive bounties of gorgeous tropical plants, but here are some of our top picks available this week:

Cape Primrose – Streptocarpus

Part of the gesneriad family, the cape primrose is a close relative of the popular African violet, but sadly is quite an uncommon plant to come across. They will grace your home with stunning trumpet-shaped flowers in a variety of colours, and they bloom freely and over long periods with minimal care. The attractive leathery foliage will quickly wilt if the soil becomes too dry, but don’t allow the soil to become soggy either or the roots will rot. Otherwise, these plants grow very easily in bright, indirect light.



Greenland is proud to carry a wide variety of unique and hard-to-find cacti and succulents. We have just received
the first of multiple shipments of these extremely easy-to-grow plants, many of which you probably won’t find anywhere
else. Great for collectors and novices alike, cacti and succulents are very forgiving, preferring dry conditions at the roots and
bright light to full sun. Just make sure not to overwater! Some of our favourites available now include rat tail cactus,
African milk tree, and crown of thorns. Note that many of these are available in extremely limited quantities.


Air Plants – Tillandsia spp.

One of the trendiest houseplants of the past several years, air plants compliment contemporary home décor like no other, and might be the simplest plants to look after. These plants have no real root system and don’t grow in soil, so they can be displayed in many different ways, such as on specially made stands, in terrariums, or mounted on objects such as sea shells and wood slabs. They simply need bright light and a daily mist, and we recommend soaking in water for 20-30 minutes once per week. We carry a number of different species, with gorgeous colours and textures, as well as pre-made terrariums and various display accessories.


Fiddleleaf Fig – Ficus lyrata

Another trendy tropical, the fiddleleaf fig is arguably the most desirable houseplant on the market right now. Coveted
by designers for its large, glossy, deep green leaves, this elegant plant is the perfect finishing touch for your indoor
décor. These are easy to care for, given bright, indirect light and placement away from drafts and heat registers.


Calamondin Orange – Citrofortunella microcarpa

This dwarf citrus is widely considered the easiest to grow in average household conditions, thriving in bright light and tolerating low humidity better than most citrus. The beautiful little trees flower and produce fruit year-round, with white flowers generating that classic sweet citrus bloom scent, and golf ball sized edible fruits that resemble mandarins but have a lemon-like sour flavour. The foliage and fruits give out a lovely orangey fragrance. Ensure plants are in well-drained soil that is evenly moist but never wet or soggy, and fertilize regularly with 30-10-10. Fun fact: the calamondin is actually a hybrid between a mandarin and a kumquat.

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