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Unique Spring Bulbs

Peruvian Buttercup

Also called the perfumed fairy lily. One of the most fragrant bulbs with a strong scent of citrus blossom in the evening. It blooms from late spring to early summer.



Manitoba Morning

A relatively new introduction to the world of martagon lilies, Manitoba Morning offers brilliant red blooms dotted heavily with orange-yellow spots. A collector's must-have!



Arabian Night Lily

This martagon lily hybrid, when established, can grow to over 1.5 m and will be covered (30 per stem) with very fragrant dark red and gold blooms.



Colour Clown Canna

Featuring bold spikes of gold orchid-like flowers with orange overtones at the ends of the stems from early summer to late fall. It's large glossy pointy leaves remain dark green in colour throughout the season.


Elodie Kiss Lily

This pretty pink lily is pollen free! Very hardy, it has light pink blooms with contrasting brown dots on the petals.



Tiny Sensation Lily

The tiny series has a huge range of different varieties, and tiny sensation is the first we’ve had as a packaged bulb. The series includes blooms in almost any colour on short plants – just 12-15” tall! Perfect for the front of the border, tiny sensation is mustard yellow with a splash of dark red. Compared to potted ‘tiny sensation’ lilies, you’ll save over 50% by starting your own plants from bulbs!


Tuberose The Pearl

This wonder of a flower is bright white, double and very, very fragrant. Tuberose are so fragrant that they should be grown in small groups in the garden and mixed with other flowers in bouquets. 'The Pearl' produces sturdy, double flowers that grow on slender stalks. Polianthes dates back to the Aztecs in Mexico who used the essential oil of the plant to flavour chocolate. Today the oil is a key ingredient in perfumes.

Unique Gladiolus

These always sell out early! Green envy is a unique chartreuse, phantom is a deep royal purple mixed with canary yellow, and blue skies is NOT true blue, but rather a periwinkle blue. Fantastic cut flowers!


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