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What's New in Gardening 2014

Here are some new varieties of trees, shrubs and perennials along with some edibles that Greenland is bringing in this year.  For more of what Greenland has in store this year, view our Top Picks guide.
Trees & Shrubs


Parkland Pillar Birch

Hardy, compact, easy to grow. A great alternative to the common Columnar Aspen.  Typical birch foliage turns amazing golden colour in fall. Ht: 30ft   Sp: 6ft  Zone 3

Lemon Candy Ninebark

Very hardy, perfect shrub for beginners. brighter yellow than typically golden ninebark; would look amazing against purple leafed varieties. Ht: 36” Sp: 36” Zone 3


Vanilla Strawberry Hydrangea

Easy to grow, have a tidy shape, bloom late in the summer. Berry pink/white blooms in a cone shape.
Ht: 4-5ft   Sp: 4-5ft  Zone 3

Sonic Boom Wiegela

This variety re-blooms, meaning you are guaranteed a profusion of blooms every year. Three colours to choose from: pearl, red, pink. Ht: 36” Sp: 36” Zone 3

Shiloh Splash Birch

Birch are known for their hardiness and gorgeous winter bark. But this new selection has truly unique green and white variegated foliage. This birch is slightly more compact than traditional river birch. Though this hardy tree will grow in full sun, it’s colour will show better in partial shade.
Ht: 20ft  Sp: 10-15ft  Zone 3

Hedgerow Dogwood

Variegated leaves make this a nice contrast plant. Great winter colour on the bark, nice thick branching habit for forming a hedge. Ht: 4’  Sp: 4’ Zone 4



A superb groundcover for rock gardens or sunny borders, this spreading succulent is one of the best plants for new gardeners. Drought tolerant. Cherry tart has cherry-red foliage that lasts all season long. Bright pink flowers in summer. Dazzleberry has pearl blue foliage that darkens as season goes on, very large bright pink blooms. Ht: 6” Sp: 18” Zone 3


When planting coneflowers, throw coarse or small gravel at bottom of hole when planting to give them good drainage. Like full sun, hot dry areas. Drought tolerant and come in so many new shades, Zone 4

Prairie Pillars

Thick stems, excellent cut flower, bloom latest into autumn. Ht: 20”  Sp: 20”

Prairie Pixies

Regular sized blooms but plants are super compact, Ht: 12” Sp: 12”

Cinnamon Cupcake

The cinnamon red shade is brand new to coneflowers. Ht: 20” Sp: 20”
Explosion Speedwell

Just as hardy and colorful as any other speedwell, but spikes are arranged in a beautiful bouquet as opposed to individual spikes.Less likely to get powdery mildew Amazing cutflower. Flowers from July-late August if you pinch spent blossoms every couple of weeks.  Purple, pink and bicolor available.  Ht: 16-18” Sp: 16-18” Zone 3


Sweet ‘n’ Neat Tomato

An extra compact tomato suited for small containers. These tidy plants do not require pinching or pruning and they bear masses of cherry-sized fruit throughout the summer. Very sweet and full of flavour.



We grew these at Greenland last year; tons of fruit on one little bush, taste is a combo of cucumber and lime.


Indigo Tomatoes

These colourful varieties all boast extremely high levels of antioxidants found in tomatoes. Heavy producers, everything from cherry to medium sized fruit. Colours change on the vine as fruit ripens.



The bee population is in rapid decline. Vegibee helps you pollinate your plants. The same thing is used in commercial greenhouses to pollinate tomatoes, cucumbers and more. More than 85% of the earth’s plant species need pollinators! 1 in 3 bites of food comes from plants pollinated by honeybees.

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