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Squirrels & Spruce

A call came into the Garden Show last week in regards to a local spruce tree that had many of its branch tips removed, leaving piles of debris under the tree. We were stumped!

Birds? Porcupine? Wind?
Numerous calls and emails came into the garden centre throughout the week and we’ve found the culprit!

The damage is the work of hungry squirrels. Rather than just eating the buds, these pesky rodents prefer to first prune the branch tip from the tree, eat the bud then discard the branch. As the squirrel continues to dine, the branch tips pile up on the ground below.

There are few control options; simply rake up debris under the trees and discard, and if possible provide an alternate food source for the squirrels (sunflower seeds or corn).

Click on this link for a great article covering this topic.


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