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Culinary Collectibles

Cranberry Shell Beans

• Mature pods are speckled with red and yellow streaks, and hold ivory coloured beans with cranberry spots.
• Cooked beans have a nutty, meaty flavour with a creamy texture.
• Provide a sunny spot and support beans with pea netting or a sturdy trellis.


Mexican Sour Gherkin/Cucamelon

• We grew these in the garden at Greenland last year and loved them. Look like mini watermelons, taste like a combo of fresh cucumber and lime.

• Fast growing, these can be planted into a online pharmacies pot OR the garden, and trail or climb up a trellis or obelisk .



• This classic plant is both edible and ornamental.

• Leaf stalks and midrib have a flavor similar to artichokes when boiled.

• Ornamentally, 3-4′ tall plants produce large purple, thistle-like flowers.


African Horned Melon

• Unusual fruit with spiny horns and green-yellow skin that turns a bright deep orange when mature.

• Pulp resembles lime-green Jell-O and has a sweet and sour, banana-lime flavor. Excellent juiced!

• Vines are easy to grow, provide a very warm sunny spot.

• Grows 3-5 feet tall.



• Grown for its unique stem/root that is grated into a spicy paste.

• Harvested stems should be 6” long and 2” wide.

• Fantastic choice for growing in a container in the the effects of drugs watergarden, as wasabi loves to have its roots growing in cool soil, even within trickling water.

• If planting into the garden plant in full to part shade with plenty of organic matter.



• Make your own tea! Our Camellia plants will fill your pots with gorgeous glossy green foliage that can be harvested for your very own black, green viagra capsule or oolong tea.

• Requires a brightly lit spot in the garden with plenty of humidity and acidic soil.

• Pot into a 50/50 blend of bark mix and container soil, and fertilize with an acidifying fertilizer such as 30-10-10.

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