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Garden Pests

Cranberry Mite

Plants Affected - Cranberry
• Small gall like growths are seen on the surface of maple leaves in early to mid-summer.
Controls - Cultural or Non-chemical Controls:
• Prune out affected sections as soon as damage noted.
• Spray bare levitra cheap branches with lime sulphur either in fall after leaves are shed or in spring before bud break.
Controls - Chemical:
• No chemical insecticides are effective; damage is cosmetic and will not harm tree.


Plants Affected - many - seen lots on Ash, Linden, Virginia Creeper and Grape.

• Sap suckers—deform leaves by stippling them.
• Insects jump away when you near the plant.
Controls - Cultural or Non-chemical:
• Strong jet of water will knock them off plants
• Ladybugs, birds feed on them.
Controls - Chemical:
• Insecticidal Soap
• Permethrin based insecticide such as Doktor Doom House and Garden (not on edibles such as grape)


Plants Affected - Numerous
• Severe infestations will cause curling/twisting of foliage, flowers to wilt and drop.
Controls - Cultural or Non-chemical:
• Ladybird beetles/larvae, lacewings are natural predators.
• Strong jet of water to knock aphids off plants.
Controls - Chemical:
• Insecticidal soap, Doktor Doom House and Garden and various other insecticides.


Plants Affected - many
• Foliage has holes in it, may see lots of excrement with larger numbers of sawflies.
• small worms come in numerous colours – white, green, black.
• When disturbed larvae will form a distinctive ‘S’ shape with their bodies.
Controls - Cultural or Non-chemical:
• Handpick small amounts
Controls - Chemical Controls:
• Spray with Sevin, Doktor Doom House and Garden, or Ambush (BTK will not work because these are not larvae of moths and butterflies but larvae of levitra buy sawflies).


Plants affected:
• Aspen, Poplar mostly but also Apple, Ash, Elm.
cialis online uk Egg masses found in late spring; eggs covered with Form silken tents over themselves where they rest and feed.
Life Cycle:
• Eggs laid in early June, eggs hatch 4-6 weeks later
Cultural/non-chemical Control:
• Remove ‘tents’ - best done in late evening or early morning
• Handpick, scrape cocoons off of branches in summer.
• BTK - spray foliage with BTK, repeat within 5-7 arginmax days. Thorough coverage of the   foliage is required.
Chemical Control:
• Not recommended, BTK very effective.

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