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Starting Spring Bulbs Indoors

If you haven’t started spring bulbs indoors before, you may wonder why many gardeners bother with potting and caring for bulbs well before planting outdoors. There’s many reasons why! We hope one of the following reasons will convince you to try some spring bulbs this year.

Save $$$

You save so much starting your own bulbs indoors! Take for instance Canna; these tropical plants have colourful, paddle shaped leaves and instantly fill a large planter or pond feature. A one gallon finished Canna is usually around $22. But to purchase and start your own costs only around $5.


Hard to find plants

Our selection of lilies, dahlia, glads and more includes varieties that are not available as finished plants. By starting your own bulbs indoors you have the chance to add something truly unique to your containers or flowerbeds.

Earlier Blooms

By starting your plants indoors now, you can guarantee blooms in mid-summer, as opposed to late summer or early fall (when the chance of frost is near!).


Spring bulbs like dahlia and lilies produce numerous blooms per plant, resulting in a huge assortment of flowers for you to cut and display indoors.

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