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New Seeds

There’s nothing like heading to your local garden centre and browsing through hundreds of seed packages to get a gardener in the mood for spring. The promise of saving money and the satisfaction of growing your very own herbs, veggies and bedding plants is often enough to bet the winter blues.

Over the next few weeks we’ll be featuring several new seed varieties for you to try this year, here are this weeks featured varieties:


Though new to Greenland this year, Suttons Seeds has over 200 years of experience in providing quality award winning seeds to gardeners. They’ve put together some groupings of seeds that include an entire rack each of Peppers, Sweet Pea, Herbs and Italian Veggies.

Here are just a few that caught our eye:



Sweet Sunshine
Unique trailing sweet pepper! A revolutionary sweet pepper bred for hanging baskets or containers. The vigorous, easy-to-grow plants can produce 200-300 small, tasty orange-yellow fruits, which are ready to harvest from mid-July right through to first frosts. A truly ornamental edible!



Hot Stuff
For those who like it hot! This mix combines three different hot chilli pepper varieties to add to salads, salsas and cooked dishes. All start green and colour up as they mature. Height 80-100cm (32-40").



Ring O Fire
An early and extremely hot cayenne pepper. Produces a good crop of 10cm (4") long, narrow, pointed fruits, which change colour throughout the season. Ideal for sunny patio or conservatory. Scoville rating 70,00-85,000. RHS Award of GardenMerit winner.



An attractive plant whose bullet-shaped fruits go through various colour changes throughout the season. Ideal for patio containers or a sunny conservatory. Scoville rating approximately 50,000




These veggies are a great choice for growing indoors in winter, requiring very little heat and light to grow. They produce in as little as 3 weeks.

Stir Fry Mix
There are a lot of ‘leaf’ lettuce mixes on the seed racks, but this one caught our eye for the unusual blend of pak choi (Chinese cabbage), tatsoi (spinach mustard), kailaan (Chinese broccoli) and choy sum (Chinese flowering cabbage). Ready to eat in just 3 weeks and you can get up to 3 crops from the same sowing. So easy to grow, ideal for garden or containers.



Microgreens Dark Opal Basil
Scrumptious and vitamin-packed, this beautiful purple basil is perfect for salads and sandwiches. Follow the directions on the package for greens that are ready to eat in just one WEEK.





Summer Surprise Basil
Deep purple leaves and stems make a colourful alternative to the common green basil in a wide range of dishes, including salads, pasta, pizza and tomato dishes. Can be grown as a potted herb or as a microgreen on a windowsill - ready in just 21 days!


Floral Spires Lavendar

Floral Spires combine the culinary pleasure of basil with the attractiveness of the long flower spikes to give you a truly ornamental edible. The neat attractive well branching plants produce a large amount of highly aromatic medium sized leaves. The plant also produces beautiful lilac flower spikes of small edible flowers. Also available in white.



Aristotle Basil
This tasty, fragrant Greek basil produces a thick, compact, ball-shaped plant from a single seed (no need to multi-sow). Ideal for windowsill or patio, foliage soon grows back after picking.


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